Oct 16, 2020

The Aquarian Theosophist, October 2020


Dear Reader,
The October 2020 Aquarian is here, and it opens with the article “Common Sense in Theosophical Circles”.
See the first lines:
One of the thoughts I have been contemplating and debating from several angles recently is that affinity is often stronger than reasoning.
In many situations, consensus and collectively shared feelings easily defeat the voice of conscience and eliminate any sober and balanced perception of facts.
These are other topics:
* The Preliminary Practice of Yoga (p.03)
* Hercules, Baladeva and the Origin of the Mysteries, by Helena Blavatsky (p.05)
* The Key to Progress (p.16)
* Inward Training: A Few Ancient Verses from the Book “Original Tao”, by Harold D. Roth (p.17)
* A Certain Perplexity (p.19)
* The Kindle Edition of “The Fire and Light”, at Amazon (p.20)
* Thoughts Along the Road - Strengthening One’s Closeness to the Trees (p.21)
* Independent Theosophy on Facebook (p.22) and
* Positive Thought in a Negative World, an article from the Indian magazine ‘The Theosophical Movement’ (p.24)
With 25 pages, the edition includes the List of New Items in the associated websites.  
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