May 12, 2023

The Aquarian Theosophist, May 2023


Dear reader,    
The Aquarian starts with a question:
Anyone who identifies himself with theosophy will hardly take pleasure in trampling the state of mind of the others. How then can one kindly spread theosophy, in a society whose main (and arrogant) disease is the materialistic delusion, in one form or another?
The article “The Key That Opens the Door to Wisdom” is on page three. Page four offers people “Four Hints for a Daily Discipline”. On page five, “The Way to Look at the Classical Teachings”. 
These are other topics: 
* A Tale of Two Centuries: an Official Visit to the 16th Century
* Understanding the Road to Wisdom: Information Is Not Knowledge.
* How Long Will We Have to Wait for Peace? Freud Asks the Question in an Open Letter to Einstein.
* Renewing the Movement in the 2020s - And Renewing Ourselves
* Theosophy and the Second World War: Nazism, Fascism and the Theosophical Movement During the Twentieth Century.
* Thoughts Along the Road: Being Constantly Aware of the Divine World.
* John F. Kennedy: a Practical Path to World Peace.
* The Spiritual Life of Animals - 02:  Theosophy Looks at the After-Death State of Our Non-Speaking Brothers.
* Western Hostility to Russia: The Hidden Background to War in Ukraine.  A Book Published in 2023 by the Anthroposophical Society, founded by Rudolf Steiner.
With 20 pages, the edition presents the List of New Items in the associated websites.

The Editors
The above edition of The Aquarian was published on 12 May 2023. The entire collection of the journal is available HERE.
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