Nov 12, 2021

The Aquarian Theosophist, November 2021


Dear reader,
The November 2021 edition starts with the article “Unveiling the Path to Bliss: a Knowledge of Plenitude”. It consists of a selection of thoughts on happiness, made by Hector Durville. 
See an example:
There is no safer route to happiness than that of virtue.” (J.-J. Rousseau)
And Victor Hugo thinks the same, for he wrote: Ask virtue for the secret of happiness.”
In other pages you will find:
* Nicolas Berdyaev: Philosophy is the Art of Knowing (p.02).
* The Spiritual Path and the Turtle (p.03).
* Jesus Talks About Things to Come: Past, Present and Future Are Only
External Aspects of the One Eternal Time (p.04).
* The Soul of the Pilgrim Works Like a Hydroelectric Power Plant (p.05).
* Thoughts Along the Road: Gaining Time, and Saving a Remarkable Amount of Life Force (p.06).
* Concerning the Moral Sense - 02 - Or the Faculty of Perceiving Moral Excellence, And Its Supreme Objects (p.08).
* Divine Wisdom is Older Than the Earth (p.11).
* William B. Pease: The Theosophist Who Believed in Helena Blavatsky (p.13).
* Storks, the Phoenix, and Rebirth: The Theosophical Teachings in an Ancient Legend (p.18).
* Poem: The Harvest - by C. Jinarajadasa (p.16).
With 17 pages, the edition contains the List of New Items in the associated websites.  
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The Editors

The above edition of The Aquarian was published on 12 November 2021. The entire collection of the journal is available HERE.
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Helena Blavatsky (photo) wrote these words: “Deserve, then desire”.