Jun 23, 2018

The Aquarian Theosophist, June 2018

Dear Reader,

The June edition opens with the article “The Five Dimensions of Love”, which says:

“In modern societies, a large part of the population is addicted to short-term and shallow views of life. As a result, millions of people talk about love and listen to popular songs about emotions - without really trying to know what they are talking about. Understanding the mystery of human affection is, of course, no easy task. Perhaps it is for this reason that many do not even try.

On pages 6-7 we have “Churchill and the Public Opinion: the Film ‘Darkest Hour’ is a Luminous, Enlightening Work of Art”.

Pages 8 and 9 present an article by Sylvia Cranston: “José Xifré Meets Blavatsky”. The subtitle reveals: “There Was a Reason for Him Not to Leave London by Train That Day”.

The Mystery of Self-Training” is on pages 10 and 11. Then we have “The Writings of an Eastern Master - 15”: the compilation of letters written by the Master of Helena Blavatsky proceeds. Pages 14-17 present “Five Chapters From The Book of Tao”.

The 18-pp. edition includes a List of the New Items recently published in the associated websites.    


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