Jan 23, 2017

The Aquarian Theosophist, January 2017

Dear Reader,

The opening thought of the January edition says:      

The world needs less opinionators and more truth-seekers.

Page one presents “A Prayer Before the Future, and a few practical decisions for tomorrow”.  A brief description of the Chinese Year of the Rooster will be seen on page two.

The note “Discovering the Key to Contentment” is on page three, together with a fragment by John Garrigues about the point of inner balance in one’s soul.  

Four Axioms for People of Good Will” discusses on pages 4 and 5 how best one can  reform oneself, and reform the world.

A fragment from a book by Donald J. Trump is on pages six and seven:  “Each Success Leads to the Next One”. Then we have “Hua Hu Ching: The True Teachers Dwell On the Divine Realm”.

Our January 2017 edition also includes:  

* A Novel on Adeptship: Blavatsky Discusses “Mr. Isaacs”; 

* The Role of Unplanned Events in Life;

* Self-Boycott and Related Obstacles - Walking Into a Sacred Territory; 

* Thoughts Along the Road;

* Farias Brito, On the Just Man; 

* A Fragment on Astrology, by Helena Blavatsky; and

The Aquarian on Facebook: Daily Information on the Path to Planetary Renewal.

The 18 pp. edition includes the List of New Texts in our associated websites.


The Editors
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