Mar 24, 2014

The Aquarian Theosophist, March 2014

Dear Reader,


The opening sentence of “The Aquarian” says:    

“Humbleness is the guarantee and the honor of all virtues.”

On the front cover we have a note on the fact that the feeling of goodwill is  
the keystone in human relations.

On p. 2 a note entitles “The Transcendent Beauty of Truth”. Then follow the  texts “To Enter the Path”, “Karma and Bliss”, and “On Asking Ourselves ‘Why’, a Recurrent Issue on Universal Cycles”.

Other topics in the March edition are:

*On Action and Quietness;
*The Magic of the Moon;
*The Instantaneous and the Eternal;
*Theosophical Action on Facebook;
*A Time for Awakening;
*Vigilance, Peace and Concentration;
*One’s Way to Look at Problems Must Contain the Seeds of Their Solution;
*Eisenhower Denounces The Industrial Military Complex;
*A Time to Contemplate the Oneness: Justice to Judge in 2014;
*The Legacy of William Q. Judge, by Steven H. Levy, M.D.;
*Silence and Bliss in Life;
*A Page in “The Secret Doctrine”: The Advice That HPB Did Not Follow;
*Radha Burnier:  Obstacles and Bliss;
*HPB, On Following a Noble Ideal;

The 19 pp. edition includes the List of New Texts in  and its associated websites.

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