Dec 23, 2013

The Aquarian Theosophist, December 2013

Dear Reader,

The opening quotation of the December edition says:   

The first step in any real learning is to be humble enough to desire to learn.” 

A pure heart may be decisive in theosophy, but it is not easy.

Among the topics included in this edition we find:

* Christmas Time and Self-Knowledge; 
* How Peace Comes Unto Us; 
* Theosophy and the Metaphor of War;
* On Joining E-Theosophy E-Group;
* How to Read “The Secret Doctrine”;
* The Atmosphere of the End of the Year; and
* Animals, Persons and Deities.

The 21 pp. edition includes a complete List of Books published in our associated websites, various shorter, illustrated notes, and the article “The Return of the Sun”, by John Garrigues (1849-l944).

Best regards,

The Editors

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